50 € offered at the opening of your account
You arrive in France and you need to open a bank account?
Opening a bank account in France can be very useful, especially to pay your bills (electricity, telephone, rent) and your subscriptions (transport, Internet). You will also be able to perceive your possible salaries more easily and have your health costs reimbursed directly. A French payment card also allows you to pay most of your expenses and avoids you to carry large amounts of cash.
By opening an account with Jean Macé agency of Crédit Mutuel, you will have 50 € offered on your account. To open this account, you will also have to take your home insurance and / or your telephone subscription in the same agency.

Schedules and access of the agency: https://www.creditmutuel.fr/fr/

More information on home insurance (Crédit Mutuel offers offers if you are under 27): https://www.creditmutuel.fr/fr/particuliers/assurance/habitation.html

More information on Crédit Mutuel's mobile offers: https://www.creditmutuel.fr/fr/particuliers/mobile/choisir-votre-forfait/index.html

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