What is LyonExplorer?

Do you want to discover places and stories that even the Lyonnais locals don’t know? Discover abandoned churches, lost treasures, secret passages? Nicolas launched LyonExplorer, a Free Walking Tour to help travellers discover Lyon.

I’ve travelled a lot all over the world and I’ve also sought to discover and understand the cultures and histories of the different countries that I’ve been able to visit. LyonExplorer is what I would have liked to find during my trips. A fun, authentic, and simple way to discover a place, a people, a culture.

Lyon is one of the most touristic cities in France. Its potential is immense in light of the diversity of architectures, neighbourhoods, its 2000-year history. And, strangely enough, before LyonExplorer, there was no real Free Walking Tour. I wanted to create something that resembled me. I have a real passion for my city and I needed to give meaning to what I was doing. Returning from a 3-month trip across South America, the creation of LyonExplorer became an obvious choice to me.

Nicolas during a visit, making people discover secret places of Lyon

Passing through the little-known « traboules » (small passages) of Vieux Lyon (the old town), discover the neighbourhood of La Croix Rousse… on the route you will not only discover these places but you will also learn their history through anecdotes and have a good time.

For fans of architecture and the great outdoors, I would recommend a walk at Confluence. In recent years, this neighbourhood has seen the birth of numerous buildings with ever-increasing original architecture, particularly with the Confluences Museum and its free rooftop. The view is stunning, it’s a truly unique place in Lyon.

In case of bad weather and for fans of cinema, I would recommend the Museum of Miniatures and Cinema in Vieux Lyon. The only one in the world, to my knowledge, and really fascinating. In particular, you can see Harry Potter’s wand!

I could also recommend a number of bars like the Terrier du Lapin Blanc, the Bicycletterie. Very original and inviting places. Or even a games bar like the La Triche or Les Epinards… In short, there’s something for everyone in Lyon!

But if I really had to choose, I would think of Place Rouville in the early morning. Watching a sunrise with this breathtaking view of the city is a magical moment. And when you’re lucky enough to have clear skies far enough to see the Alps, it’s simply exceptional.

In short, a place unknown to Lyonnais locals and yet so interesting… This is also one of the spots of the current Walking Tour.


Nicolas organises 3 Free Walking Tours per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10:00 am (lasts 2 ½ hours): meetup at Place Bellecour under the statue of Louis XIV on his horse!

He can also organise private tours and excursions outside of Lyon upon request.

All of the useful information is on his website www.lyonexplorer.com and his Facebook page. His Instagram account can also give you plenty of ideas for discovering Lyon.

A #CosmoBonsPlans written with Bienvenü, a leading international mobility organisation in Lyon.

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