The "Pleine lune" lines in Lyon?
After the gradual launch of night buses in Lyon, TCL finally devoted, in 2011, the establishment of four "Pleine lune" bus lines to allow you to return home from 1am to 4am, from Thursday to Saturday either between the last and the first metro.
To enjoy it, you just need to have your TCL subscription card or TCL ticket. Exit the contributions between friends and the search for codes on the internet to find a Uber, a Heetch or a Kapten to find his dear and tender cozy bed after a party !
As we mentioned above, there are 4 "Pleine lune" bus lines serving Lyon and Villeurbanne:
The "Pleine lune" bus 1 "PL1" is from Terreaux la Feuillée and goes towards La Doua INSA
The "Pleine lune" bus 2 "PL2" is departing from Hotel-de-ville and goes towards Grange Blanche
The "Pleine lune" bus 3 "PL3" is departing from Hôtel-de-ville and going towards Campus Lyon Ouest
The "Pleine lune" bus 4 "PL4" is departing from City Hall and heading towards St.Priest Salengro
Note a small specificity for the PL4 since unlike PL1, PL2 and PL3 which provide departures every hour is 1h, 2h, 3h and 4h, the PL4 meanwhile it provides only two starting times to know 1h and 3h.
Hoping that you will take advantage of this precious advice that will avoid many night walks.
We will link you to the TCL website where you can find all the details of the full moon bus lines:
See you soon for new tips.

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