Furnish and equip yourself ethical, durable and cheap it is possible !
You arrive in Lyon with limited baggage, and you find a room but they are partially empty ... How to equip it when you only stay a few months and you do not want to spend too much money ?
Several options are available to you : solidarity second-hand stores, flea markets, sales sites and gifts between individuals, and stores selling used products.

Solidarity stores

Lyon is full of second-hand shop and solidarity! These are the best places to find all the furniture and appliances you will need (and much more) all at a low price and doing a good deed. Indeed, this kind of store resells private donations and the money raised is used to finance actions with people with limited means. By buying (or making a donation) there you make an ethical and solidarity purchase and your wallet will say thank you!
For furniture and appliances there are two big organizations in Lyon: Emmaus and Notre Dame des Sans-abris. They have warehouses where you can pick up all kinds of furniture and equipment of all kinds.
Emmaus: 3 addresses in Lyon http://www.emmaus-lyon.org/
Bric à Brac from Notre-Dame des Sans-abris: 6 addresses in Lyon https://www.fndsa.org/les-bric-a-brac/

Flea markets and garage sales ("brocantes" and "vide-greniers")

At the beginning of the year, many flea markets (or garage sales) are organized from all over the city during weekends or holidays. These are giant markets organized by private individuals to empty their house and make some money.
The opportunity to find a lot of objects (furniture, small appliances, deco, books etc ...) at low prices and often almost new, or to stroll in the middle of old and sometimes unusual objects, it is not rare to do business and fall on small treasures.
You can also keep you informed about the next barter of your neighborhood on Facebook or on the website of the town hall of your district.

Sales sites and donations

These are national and private sites and professionals post ads to sell or give objects (it goes from the bed to the gas stove, through lawn mowers or pieces of collections of the granny, and it can also find apartments or rooms in shared flats).
You can search by theme and city and then you just have to choose, contact the seller and make a deal! (However, beware of scams and fake ads, always ask to see the item before paying)
Donations: www.donnons.org
You can also post ads to separate yourself from your items.
Finally there are also stores that sell high-tech objects or values ​​like www.easycash.fr with guarantees and after-sales service as in a conventional store.
So here you are, ready to start your Lyon life serenely and well equipped!

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