Designating neither objects to close the bottles nor traffic jams, the Lyon's "Bouchon" (cork in french) are typical restaurants of the city.
It is a restaurant where you can find local specialties such as "quenelle", "saucisson brioché" or "cervelle de canut" (a cheese). The name comes from the time when some restaurateurs used to indicate their establishment by a boot of branching (called "bousche" in the old language of LYon) hung on their door.
You will find at Rue Mercière, near the Cordeliers metro stop, many of these restaurants, as well as in Old Lyon.

A label to find the good adresses

A label exists to designate the sure values, a 20 of restaurant can claim it : More information here

How much does it cost ?

Count between 15 and 30 € for the meal.

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