With the BuddySystem, ESN CosmoLyon will allow you to find a buddy.
You arrive in Lyon? Your buddy will be a young people already settled in Lyon who will welcome you, make you visit the city, help you in your administrative procedures and meet your first friends in Lyon.
Are you already in Lyon? Your buddy will be a young Erasmus or international (e) who will soon arrive in Lyon for his studies or his internship. Your mission will be to help him discover Lyon!
The BuddySystem is a unique experience that will allow you to discover other cultures and practice a foreign language. Every semester, more than 120 tandems are formed!
How to do ?
It's simple ! Register on:
And after?
Once you have filled in some information about yourself (your university, your hobbies, the languages ​​you speak ...) we will put you in touch with a buddy!
If you need help or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.